What is your name/stage name?
Mistress Kitten
How did you get involved in SEDUCTION and why and when?
I got involved in 1998. I was originally going to setting up a booth to swag and adult novelties for a store I worked for, but I ended up becoming a performer.
What was your role in SEDUCTION?
I like to say I was a fetish performer/artist. I started out as a guest performer then I became a regular fix with Seduction Events and other fetish related events like Factory and Fascination Fridays. I did alot of Medical fetish and gore, along with domination, humiliation and fire breathing/ eating and Burlesque. I liked to stomp on balls. Now that's fun!
What is your most memorable moment/or thing about SEDUCTION?
I have 2 moments.1.SKINNY PUPPY! SKINNY PUPPY!! SKINNY PUPPY!!! 2. The last Seduction Event for our 10 yr anniversary. I worked with these people who eventually became my family and we we all standing up on stage together saying goodbye. The crowd was going fucking nuts I looked around and it was just so overwhelming. It finally hit me, my stage family and I were going our separate ways.The tears just started rolling down my face. Luckily, Max looks at me and says "Kitten is crying, that's so sad." Then I started to giggle. I love those fuckers!
What was the most shocking moment at SEDUCTION for you?
Nothing really shocks me about that night. It was our job to shock the crowds, and we did over and over again! But, if I had to say most shocking moments I was probably when I accidently punched Timmy Razorblades in the face, or when I knocked my husband out with my boobs.Both accidents, mind you, but shocking... you decide...
What was your favorite theme night?
Halloween and The Black and Blue Ball. Halloween allowed me to be gore and Medical fetish, Black and Blue allowed me to be straight beat your ass, stomp on balls fetish.
Who was your favorite guest performer?
Keoki. He is a whole show to himself before, during and after an event.
What have you been doing since SEDUCTION?
Other then performing every now and then, for special events, I have been focusing on college. I still love performing, but I really love learning. When I get the brief moments I get of time off from school, I have been doing alot of traveling. I fell in love with the Bahamas. In the mean time I have been helping my husband focus on his art and erotic photography. I also am a practicing Buddhist.
How did SEDUCTION change your life (if at all)?
Yep, I am part of Jax night life history! I got to meet alot of different, eclectic people. I worked with some really awesome performers, many that are not just my close friends but are my family. I wouldn't exchange those moments for any thing! I love my Seduction family.
Anything else you would like to add/share about your SEDUCTION experience?
Like it, Love it or Hate it, Seduction changed the way Jacksonville looked at night life. Always imitated, never duplicated. All of us opened up peoples minds to how the other side lives. It was ok, to talk about being a little freaky in your bedroom, or in your daily life. I would meet so many people that would finally feel comfortable to be able to express themselves in ways they felt that they were never allowed. It was like therapy for many. Patrons left Seduction events changed, in a good way. The could finally be free to be themselves.