SEDUCTION Personalities

This rogues gallery of characters features the personalities that defined SEDUCTION's stage shows from performer, to make up artist, to set creators, and the greatest MC to ever grace a stage in Jacksonville. Click each of their photos to read a short interview from each in their own words about their time with SEDUCTION.


The Saturday Night SEDUCTION Cast & Crew

Some group and character portraits of the SEDUCTION cast and crew.

SEDUCTION Female Impersonators

Some of the amazing Female Impersonators who wowed audiences week after week at SEDUCTION.

Bruce Chambers (RIP)

Bruce Chambers was a manager who became owner of Club 5. He took over the failing venue and turned it around to make it the #1 nightlife destination in North Florida. A maverick who pushed the boundaries, broke new ground, and took every event to 'the Next Level'. He had an instinct for talent and bringing that talent to the stage. One such example is Saturday Night SEDUCTION. Bruce was tragically taken from us far too soon and we carried on every show after in his honor. His legend now lives on with us and the lives he inspired us to boldly live.

We love and miss you Bruce, always.

Max Michaels

Photographer, publisher, artist, graphic designer, and nightlife promoter Max Michaels had a long history with Club 5 hosting his first club nights in the Backstage club since the mid '90s. Max was introduced to the clubs new manager Bruce Chambers at a Planet Radio party at the Florida Theatre and the two immediately hit it off and partied together the rest of the night. Leaving the after party at Moto Lounge, Bruce asked Max "Where is the nearest fetish club", Max replied "Atlanta". Bruce being from Atlanta gave Max a knowing look and a nod and said "Let's meet next week and change that." A week later the two met and began planning the new Saturday promotion for Club 5. The rest is history. Max's role in the night included creating the the look and feel for the night in logos, flyers, posters, stage decoration, show scheduling and coordination, talent booking, and marketing and media relations. After Bruce's death Max took over the mantle of managing and funding the shows as well as his usual duties to keep the reunion shows happening and create new nights and troupes post-SEDUCTION weekly. Keep up with Max's new and ongoing projects at

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