What is your name/stage name?

Nathan Thorin

How did you get involved in SEDUCTION and why and when?
It was what, the end of '97, or beginning of '98? Seems to me it was spring. Its a wee bit hazy through all the hard booze, drug smoke, loud sex, and crazed music since then, but I remember it all began with a phone call from friend and colleague Max Michaels. Seemed he had met a particular club owner and the shit was about to hit the proverbial fan in the spectacular venue of the Club 5 Theatre. "This is it, our chance for a prime space, prime time." The '90s quite frankly had begun to drag on, and I was on a sabbatical in the Ozark mountains of all places. It was both serene and remote, and I was painting my first real series of oil paintings with a box of expensive paint only available to my meager living via falling in my lap. "Lets do this. Call in the troupes", said Max. "Will do, I'll be ready to rumble in just a month or so", replied I, or something to the effect. To be quite honest, I didn't think it would last more than a few months. Lo and behold six months in I was quitting my day job to work full time for the club. It started off a bit slow and nasty, just what I was looking for after months of solitude. A rag tag troupe of infidels looking for a stage to warp the minds of the masses.
What was your role in SEDUCTION?
Co-Art Director, Stage Designer/Builder, Stilt-walking, Party Pumping, Fire Breathing Androgene. I was down for just about anything, and we had been given the keys to the kingdom. Strap some wings on me, hang me two stories up and call me Cupid? Sure! I'll wear all silver, and shoot roses at the crowd with a silver bow. Your friend has just handed you to me on a leash as my personal slave? Rock on.
What is your most memorable moment/or thing about SEDUCTION?
Bruce openly challenged the JSO on TV, and not long after the buckles and zippers went on a bit tighter. Gone were the days of electrical tape garments (if you can call them that). Though I think the dancer walking down the street in nothing but clever body paint was after this. So did the cop know and let her go en rapt with her beauty, or was he clueless? Either way its an achievement for shock jocks, perverts, and the generally freaky everywhere. Cops became characters in our shows after we were busted for defying the local sex laws. They would charge on stage and attempt to arrest the star. Ravynn would twist his arm and within seconds her sexy minions had him stripped and strapped to the cross. Handcuffs on you Mr. Officer! They may have gotten a restraint on how much tit and ass skin was shown, but restraints only inspire the wicked.
What was the most shocking moment at SEDUCTION for you?
I was never really shocked by any of our shenanigans. For most of the troupe that evolved and revolved it was just part of our lives. It was prime time to give a few people an ass-whoopin. It was perfect timing for this city to have a sexual enema. And thousands agreed. If anything, I'm shocked we didn't push it ever further. But maybe that's something for a different moment.
What was your favorite theme night?
From giant spiders with human cocoons hanging over the dance floor to skeleton hands with lit up arms all the way to the day of the dead skull spewing light from its mouth on the balcony. From alien bitches dancing on pedestals, to Jesus showing up for a Faery Tale Ball. I think my favorite theme night was Atlantis. Something about the literal fish netted costuming and the abstract lighting sculpture that cast a truly watery tone made me really feel like we had arrived somehow. That we had found the right team. Right moment. Right people. Right ideas.
Who was your favorite guest performer?
I believe my fav guest performers in the whole gang were the Genitorturers. It felt like performing with comrades in arms. I'm not sure if Pigface is considered a Seduction guest performer, but it was amazing to breathe fire for them on stage in Jacksonville, and Orlando. Their intenseness is hard to match.
What have you been doing since SEDUCTION?
Since then I've put down the stilts, but have brought a fire troupe to burning man in the Nevada dessert. I've taught fire padawans, who have taught their own. I've continued to dabble in stage, and performing/composing music. I seriously pursue at all times art, and design, and have even registered a patent. And though I seem to always think all the new incarnations and imitations that have followed are a bit too cliche, or maybe not imaginative enough, or pushing any boundary of the risque; I have mad appreciation to those about to put their groove on stage.
How did SEDUCTION change your life (if at all)?
The early days had a serious resonance to them. We were about to seriously push the boundaries, finally, in front of god and all, and we felt that nothing could stop us. Though the many stories that have been told have been definitely embellished, there was some serious naughtiness going on at those energized beginnings. Just under that skirt or sheet, just behind that curtain, sometimes right there in front of us masked only amongst the throng of dancing people all sweating and gyrating, it seemed everywhere there was some threshold of sex being breached. Or about to be.  Whips literally on fire, stings and bruises, tie me up strap you down. Zippers, buckles, chains, spikes, armor plating, hard leather, soft velvet. It began a decade of scrapes and contusions for me, war wounds of thousands of deviant nights. The years that have spread out before us since have found many incarnations of this complicit deviousness. Orgies played out in front of thousands, wine drizzled down cleavage, licked off of thighs. Scant togas falling easily off as Rome burns in the background. Thank the gods for all the strippers who brought their considerably large quantities of tiny sequined panties for those who had none. And If you've never tried it you should really pour and rub baby oil over four or five nice young women who are wearing nothing but electrical tape. Just a hint if doing this in public: the electrical tape doesn't stick very well when oiled.
Anything else you would like to add/share about your SEDUCTION experience?

Cheers to those creating the next wet dreams. Me, I'm looking for some new kinda kick.