What is your name/stage name?
Timmy Razorblades
How did you get involved in SEDUCTION and why and when?
My first Seduction show was Passion 2004. I was friends with Jenn (Ponte, Violet Lillith) who introduced me to Ravynn. In late 2003 I plucked up the courage and asked if I could be in the next show and the answer was yes. There was no looking back from there!
What was your role in SEDUCTION?
My initial role was submissive but later evolved into dom, stage mom, show planner/organizer, stage prop.
What is your most memorable moment/or thing about SEDUCTION?
My most memorable moment was my first Seduction show, dropping an entire cake on stage and feeding it to the audience and all the wonderful and beautiful people I met over the years.
What was the most shocking moment at SEDUCTION for you?
The Valentine's Massacre. For the first show, I was duct tapped to a chair with a ball gag and pillowcase over my head. Alex missed the music queue and I almost passed out. During the show, Kitten accidentally punched me in the nose causing me to pass out. I woke up moments latter with her titties in my face. The best part, the audience had no clue what really happened!
What was your favorite theme night?
All the Passion Shows and the Keoki Rock N Roll Disco.
What have you been doing since SEDUCTION?
I participated in Fascination Friday's during the summer of 2005 and various other fetish performances over the years.
How did SEDUCTION change your life (if at all)?
I have made some wonderful friends that will be in my life forever!!!